Delphi Innovation Timeline
Download The Delphi 27th Anniversary “Information Technology Innovation Timeline” FREE!
Are you curious to see how your favorite programming language has evolved over time and what other advances it has enabled? Do you recall the different phones you have owned over the years? Are you an Android phone fan, or fiercely loyal to Apple? What versions of Android and iOS were available when Candy Crush first came out?
All the answers to these questions and more are in the Delphi 27th Anniversary “Information Technology Innovation Timeline”. So are the evolution of devices, from the Motorola StarTAC, released in 1996 to the Google Pixel 6 and iPhone 13; the evolution of computer languages other than Delphi and Object Pascal, from the early days of Python, Visual Basic and HTML to the latest versions of Java, Swift, C# and C++; the advent of new operating systems like iOS and Android; and the evolution of browsers like Chrome and Edge, and the advent of social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.
Download The Delphi 27th Anniversary “Information Technology Innovation Timeline” Now!
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