"C++ Lambda Story" is a new 100-page ebook intended for all C++ developers who want to learn all about lambda expressions.
You’ll learn how to use this powerful feature in a step-by-step manner, slowly digesting the new capabilities and enhancements that come with each revision of the C++ Standard. You'll begin with C++98/03, and then move on to the latest C++ Standards.
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About the Author

Bartłomiej (Bartek) Filipek is a C++ software developer from a beautiful city Cracow in Southern Poland. He started his professional career in 2007 and in 2010 he graduated from Jagiellonian University with a Masters Degree in Computer Science.
Since 2011 Bartek has been regularly blogging at bfilipek.com and lately at cppstories.com. Initially, the topics revolved around graphics programming, but now the blog focuses on core C++. He’s also a co-organiser of the C++ User Group in Cracow. You can hear Bartek in one @CppCast episode where he talks about C++17, blogging and text processing. Bartek is the author of C++17 In Detail.
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