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"More Coding in Delphi" picks up where "Coding in Delphi" left off, continuing to illustrate good, sound coding techniques including patterns, Aspect Oriented Programming and programming for the Parallel Programming Library.
Like its predecessor Coding in Delphi, More Coding in Delphi is about writing Delphi code. In this book, you won’t find much about the form designer, the VCL, or the FMX framework. You will, however, learn about: * How to write SOLID code in Delphi* Using Delphi with design patterns like the Factory, Observer, Adapter, Decorator, and Command Patterns. * How to take advantage of Operator Overloading to simplify your code. * How to write multithreaded and parallel code and take advantage of the multiple cores in your CPU * How to write Aspect-oriented code to help separate your concerns * The history of and a deep-dive into the world famous TSmiley component.
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