Enterprise CodeRage 2022
Join Embarcadero for this short two day virtual conference on Enterprise development with your favorite development tools. December 20th and 21st from 10 AM to 4 PM CST each day, all free. Topics include multithreaded algorithms, SQL databases, custom VCL styles, microservices, refactoring, enterprise iOS app deployment, visualization, user interface design, and more! 

December 20, 2022
9:45 AM CodeRage 2022 - Day 1 Welcome Panel
10:00 AM FGX Native: An alternative to mobile FMX Yaroslav Brovin
11:00 AM Achieving linear scaling of multi-threaded algorithms with core count (Part 1) Janez Makovsek
12:00 NN Challenges of multi-threaded programming Dalija Prasnikar
1:00 PM Creating Custom VCL Styles Ray Konopka
2:00 PM How to make MySQL your SQL Ian Barker
3:00 PM Building Microservices with Boss and Horse Jim McKeeth
4:00 PM Data Access Round Table Conversation Ian, Miguel, & Jim

December 21, 2022
9:45 AM CodeRage 2022 - Day 2 Welcome Panel
10:00 AM Technology Preview: Processing XML Documents with XML Mapper Miguel Angel Moreno
11:00 AM Achieving linear scaling of multi-threaded algorithms with core count (Part 2) Janez Makovsek
12:00 NN The Old and New of Enterprise Application Development Rich Dudley
1:00 PM Despaghettification, the ancient art of refactoring Delphi code. Alister Christie
2:00 PM Enterprise iOS apps, no app store required Ian Barker
3:00 PM Castle Game Engine as a 3D visualization tool in your Delphi applications Michalis Kamburelis
4:00 PM Update your Delphi source code without any hassle Ricardo Boaro & Marco Geuze
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