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The “Discovering The Best Cross-Platform Framework Through Benchmarking” whitepaper evaluates two frameworks supporting multi-platform desktop application development: Delphi and Electron.
When businesses choose a software framework they begin a long-term relationship for the duration of their application’s lifecycle. Given the strategic consequences of this decision, businesses must carefully consider how frameworks enhance developer productivity, business functionality, application flexibility, product performance, the long-term viability of that framework, and the inherent security in each framework’s design and technology. 
The ideal framework demonstrates strength in each category by minimizing product time-to-market, reducing maintenance costs, supporting product variety, and facilitating a superior customer experience
The “Discovering The Best Cross-Platform Framework Through Benchmarking” whitepaper makes an exhaustive comparison between the Delphi and Electron frameworks on Windows, macOS, and Linux based on these key benchmarks. Download this exceptional study and discover what performance metrics you can expect from each.
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