DelphiCon 2023 - Celebrating 28 Years of Delphi
February 14th to 16th
DelphiCon is the celebration of all things Delphi where we look at the best of Delphi today and tomorrow. See the latest components, books, plugins, and libraries that will make you a better developer. Learn the best practices to make your programs more secure and reliable. Hear from selected Embarcadero staff, MVPs, Tech Partners, and other luminaries. Stay up to date on your favorite development tools. 
February 14, 2023
8:50 AM Start - Opening Event (Day 1) Jim McKeeth
10:00 AM Looking Forward with Modern Delphi Jim, Marco, David, Kyle, Stephen
11:00 AM User Interface Design with Actions Ray Konopka
12:00 NN NX Horizon - The Open Source Event Bus for Delphi Dalija Prasnikar
1:00 PM Every App Trick in the Book Ian Barker
2:00 PM When Delphi reaches the Cloud! Dion Mai
3:00 PM Visualize Data from FireDAC on Maps with Delphi and TMS FNC Maps Dr. Holger Flick
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February 15, 2023
8:50 AM Start - Opening Event (Day 2)  
9:00 AM Spice Up Your Apps with Animations Ray Konopka
10:00 AM Creating LibreOffice Documents in Delphi Daniel Fernandes
11:00 AM How we Used Delphi as a Weapon in a Real Fight - and Won! Ian Barker
12:00 NN Evolution of FastReport VCL – Cool features highlight Denis Zubov
1:00 PM Delphi and AI Olaf Monien
2:00 PM Demystifying Domain-Driven Design(DDD) In Delphi Gustavo Mena Barreto
3:00 PM Integrating your apps with Alexa devices Kivian Cristaldo Emerim
4:00 PM QR Code Case Study - Gate System Arab Diploma Ziad Allaghi
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February 16, 2023
8:50 AM Start - Opening Event (Day 3)  
9:00 AM Using Ntfy to send and receive push notifications Samuel Rosa de Oliveira
10:00 AM Avoiding Memory Leaks and Dealing with Delphi Exceptions Maico Dal Ri
11:00 AM Delphi + OpenAI: A Blessing or a curse? Marco Geuze
12:00 NN Advanced Visual Effects Jim McKeeth
1:00 PM Git, Demystified Rich Dudley
2:00 PM Getting Physical in Your Games with Castle Game Engine Michalis Kamburelis
3:00 PM Closing Jim McKeeth
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Agenda is subject to change
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